New video

Wasn't able to post this yesterday cause it took forever to render but finally it's done.

Title: Till the world stops
Song: Burn into the Ground
Artist: Nickleback

Disclaimer: I own nothing, not the song, nor the footage used. Only the editing.

Dedication: To my Beta Ath3nasGard3n, for all the support and the great eye for the beat.

This was by far the hardest video I've ever done, it took me a month and a half to made. Rendering took forever and I almost gave up on it. The only reason why I actually got it done? My wonderful Beta to whom I dedicate it. Thanks for making me stick with it. ;)

Links: Youtube 4share


Fanfic Update

Seems impossible, but it’s true. I just posted the next chapter of The Gathering.

Sorry for the long hiatus, but you know how it is… Holidays… Can’t really write when you’re stuffing your face with food. ;)

On the viding front I’m also hoping to be able to finally post the Time Bomb video I started a month and a half ago… ;)

In the meantime you can read the new chapter here:

It's gonna seem a bit chuncked, but the chapter was getting too long and the scene had to be cut somewhere...

Enjoy! ;)


Why the long hiatus

Nope, I haven't disappeared and I haven't given up on Vidding ou FF.
On the FF front I'm almost done with the next chapter, but it will probably still take a week till it comes out since I still gotta send it to my beta.

On the vidding front: I hit a wall. The Time Bomb video (which you can find a preview on my YT account) is almost done, all except for the last 15 seconds. And why is that? cause I'm stuck! I believe that videos, specially action packed as this one, should end on a powerful note, and I just can't seem to find that one... :(


Yep! I'm reactivating this account.
From now on I'm gonna try to post here whenever there is some update, either on my FF or videos.

It was the only way I figured to keep you guys in the loop when it came to my long hiatus.


On the Video front:
Time Bomb (temporary title) - SPN video (of course), featuring just how cool the Winchester boys are. Action packed and to the beat of Nickleback's Burn into the ground.
Status: WIP (halfway through)
Why: My muse got slapped in the face. There are just too many scenes to pick from!!! gah!

I come for you - Brooke/Dean video
Status: WIP.
Why: Again with the muse thing...

Dean/Sam/Brooke untitled series
Status: Officially on hiatus
Why: In the case the muse has completely left the building

On the Fanfic front:
The Gathering
Status: WIP, no muse problem on this one, got two chapters written
Why: Blame my beta... She's the bad guy on this one.

So there you have it...
Questions, comments?
Bring 'hem on.

The Gathering

Why am I taking so long with the next chapter?
Here's the short list:
- I'm actually done with it!
- It's a monster of a chapter and my beta is working out the kinks
- I've been sick for the last couple of days, but I'm ok now and ready for work. Don't worry.
So the next chapter should be out before the end of the week, don't worry! ;)

Regarding 2C4C

Even though my life is completely hectic right now after receiving a bunch of emails regarding my unfinished fic Too Close for Comfort I've decided it was time to write a post concerning this subject. So here goes...

As most of you, who follow the story, may have noticed I haven't updated in... well, centuries.
I have to confess that ever since the series ended I have been having a hard time keeping the Spuffy flame alive. Don't get me wrong I still love that ship but... I kind of lack inspiration to continue the story.
The fact that I haven't even touched it in so long only makes matters worse. The mere prospect of going back and reading everything only to get back the feel of the relationship I established between the characters is exhausting. It's strange trying to remember it, since I had most of the plot mapped out. It just seems like a lifetime ago!
On the other hand, I was really fond of that story and I had so many things planned for it. Plus, I hate the idea of leaving a fic incomplete.
Anyway, what I guess I'm trying to say is that it's going to take a lot of effort to finish this story and I'm not really sure if I can do it, specially at this particular moment in my life.
I would really love to bring it to a close it and I promise to give it my best. But keep in mind I don't want to risk ruining a perfectly fine story by rushing the ending just for the sake of finishing it. So I won't force myself, or post anything if I'm not satisfied with the outcome.
Well... I guess that's the gist of it.

I'm really sad about the fact that there is a chance this fic might remain unfinished... but you never know. I did go back to Twining Vines after a year long hiatus...

Anyway, for the meantime consider this story on HIATUS.

Sorry and thanks to everyone who wrote me about it!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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